FAQ about purchase of export-oriented products

Q:How much will the export-oriented plants cost including transportation expenses? 

A:In principle we cannot estimate the price before we receive a concrete inquiry.  There will be extra charges for transportation, quarantine, custom clearance etc. besides the price of plant itself.  According to your inquiry we send you a quotation including all charges.  The total amount varies depending on types of plants. 


Q:Could you send us photos of plants?

A:Please tell us what kind of plants you would like to have, for what purpose you would like to have and where you would like to put.  Depending on your wishes, we will choose some suitable plants and send you photos of these plants.  


Q:Do you take care of the legal procedure of exportation of plants?

A:Each country has its own regulation regarding import and export of plants.  In Japan plants have to be examined in a quarantine station to obtain a quarantine certificate before exportation. We are working very close together with exporters who are in charge of custom clearance.  


Q:Which season in one year is the most suitable for delivery?

In general we avoid the summer because it is the time for plants and trees to grow.  It is preferable to ship plants between December and April.


Q:How do we proceed the payment?

Before digging out of plants, the total amount including extra charges is to be paid.  After we confirm a receipt of payment, we start to transport the plants.  Thank you for your patience for the arrival of the plants on site.