Export Business

Development of export business of Japanese garden plants and Bonsai

We have decided to expand our business to exportation of Japanese Hanaki (garden plants and Bonsais) to European market.  By taking advantage of our network as a gardening company, we purchase garden plants and Bonsai from producers in Kyushu area and export them to Europe, which eventually will cover the declining inland sales caused by decrease in the number of Japanese garden.  We manage producers in Kyushu area, inform about various quarantine requirements in each country, negotiate with foreign buyers, collect information about foreign market and develop the market.  Thank to these tasks done by our company, producers can concentrate on production.  In this new business, we aim to improve the popularity of the Japanese garden plants in the world and to increase the demand of Japanese garden plants that will be highly valued in the world, which leads to the expansion of sales and profits of our producers of Japanese Hanaki (garden plants and Bonsais) in Kyushu.


* Hanaki - is a general term for flowering plants in Japanese, and written as 花卉

How to proceed the exportation of garden plants and Bonsai in our company

How to transport

Quarantine measures

In many countries it is prohibited to import soil.

For quarantine measures (extermination of nematode) it is necessary to grow plants for a certain period of time in a special method as you see in this photos.

Exhibition in foreign exposition