About us


Our company was originally founded in April 1971 and since then we have been producing Japanese black pines of Mizuma and supplying them all over Japan.  On the first of July in 2005, the company  was registered as Roubokuen Limited and at present we are producing and selling the garden plants as well as offering landscaping service.


Today Japanese garden plants are getting more and more popular in the world and since five years ago we have exported our Japanese trees  overseas.  Our traditional garden plants are requested by our customers in China, Taiwan and Europe and introduced in the new environment.

We are striving to offer the greenery environment.



Management philosophy

  1. We offer relaxing environments through evergreen plants and community planning with comfort.
  2. We offer pleasure and positive impression by proposing spiritually rich environment to our customers.
  3. We create a company where each employee is motivated and satisfied and finds a joy of working.
  4. We create a company that our customers appreciate.
Management philosophy

Description of business

  1. Landscaping
  2. Production and sales of garden plants and trees
  3. Creation of exterior structure
  4. Plantation planning for apartments
  5. Civil engineering works
  6. Exportation of plants

Company overview

Company name Roubokuen Ltd.
Address 1987-1 Tagawa Mizuma cho Kurume City Fukuoka
Zip code : 830-0102
Phone number 0942-64-3926
Fax number 0942-65-1728
E-mail address roubokuen-e@bridge.ocn.ne.jp
Foundation 1. April 2005
Capital 3 million yen
Number of employees 12
Description of business Production and sales of garden plants, Landscaping, Civil engineering works


In 1971 Foundation of Roubokuen as a garden plants producer
In 1995 Start of landscaping service
In 2003 Start of creation of exterior structure
In 2005 Foundation of Roubokuen Ltd.
In 2007 Beginning of plantation planning
In 2010 Introduction of exportation of plants
In 2012 Exportation of black pines and podocarpus to Vietnam
In 2013 Exportation of black pines to Taiwan
In 2014

Preparation of exportation to EU

In 2016 Planning to export to Germany